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Records Request Form

  1. Northeast Communications Center
    126 S Lebanon Road
    Loveland, Ohio 45140
    Phone: 513-677-7000
  2. The Northeast Communications Center is pleased to make available to you all information not exempted from disclosure by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio. To assist us in evaluating your request, please fill out this form completely. We will provide you with all non-exempt requested information as soon as possible, usually within 5 business days of this office.
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  4. Please type email we can send records to
  5. Incident Information
  6. Information Requested
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  9. Please specify the time frame and what to record.
  10. Please specify the time frame and what to record.
  11. Reason for Information Request
  12. Disposition After Use
  13. Important Understanding
    I understand and agree that my use of the information requested for any purpose other than stated herein, or the falsification of any information on this sheet and/or accompanying copies may be a violation of law, and I specifically agree not to disseminate this information further without prior written approval of the Director of Northeast Communications.

    Note: Recordings involving excessive work hours may incur a charge payable prior to the release of the information.
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