Fire Department Today

Loveland-Symmes firefighters have always shown great concern for their neighbors. This is still evident today as we currently provide Fire and EMS services for the City of Loveland and Symmes Township.

Fire Protection for Symmes Township

In 1989, the “Loveland Community Fire Department” took over fire protection for Symmes Township and became known as the “Loveland Symmes Fire Department.”

Operation as Private Fire Company

We currently operate as a private fire company, governed by the LSFD Board of Directors, that contracts Fire and EMS services to Loveland, Symmes Township and Miami Township. We operate four fire stations (two in Loveland and two in Symmes Township) that are staffed with firefighters and paramedics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Each day we are committed to carrying out the mission established through our long and varied history, which is to provide you, our customers, with service you can count on.