Training Division

The Loveland-Symmes Fire Training Division is led by the Deputy Chief of Operations and supported by 10 fire instructors that provide training while on shift.

The Fire training center is a place that provides realistic training opportunities in a controlled environment to enhance the department's ability to provide service when it matters most.  The fire training center is home to a 4 story live fire burn building that provides an opportunity for firefighters to train under live fire conditions.  The training building also has other props within to include, standpipes, wall breaching props, scuttle hole openings, confine space props, forcible entry props, and high-angle rope rescue tie-off points.

The fire training bureau has many other portable props that firefighters have fabricated from donations to give personnel the opportunity to utilize machinery extrication equipment.  Some of these props include a press and stamp machine that simulates a crushing injury, an augur that simulates an augur, a small machine prop that has many different components that allow personnel to exercise precision cutting, and even a bicycle and a park swing that can create a challenge when a small child becomes trapped in a bike chain or a park swing.  The ICE Rescue Prop is designed as a floating platform and provides annual training opportunities in the area of ice rescue.  

The fire department has an electronic command simulation program that is used to train personnel on Strategic and Tactical decision-making during emergency responses.  This simulator provides training in decision-making to keep both the residents and our personnel safe while providing service to the community.

Below are examples of training topics that the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department personnel review:

  • Blue Card Hazard Zone Management 
  • EMS Skills and Protocols
  • Hose Deployment
  • Auto Extrication
  • Fire Extinguishment
  • Fire Apparatus Operator/Driver Training
  • Fire Inspection 


The Training Division is tasked with staff development and enrichment duties, such as assisting our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) with enrollment in an accredited paramedic school.

Continuing Education & Drills

The Training Division also provides maintenance services such as continuing emergency medical education to assist our EMTs and paramedics in meeting all national and state-mandated requirements for recertification. LSFD members attend monthly shift drills where the entire department comes together to train on fire and EMS topics. Company officers are tasked with conducting daily training within their stations on their respective shifts.