Northeast Communications

Since 1999, the Northeast Communications Center has been providing 911 service, emergency and non-emergency dispatching for the City of Loveland and Hamilton County District 3.  Deputy Chief Jon Frye leads a team of 15 professional telecommunicators to provide our residents with a dispatch center to dispatch Fire, EMS, and Police Services for our community.  

Certified Telecommunicators

Staffed by certified telecommunicators, Northeast provides round-the-clock service to our residents.

Backup Emergency Facility

Northeast Communications is closely partnered with Clermont County Communications and stands ready as one of two backup facilities for Clermont County. In addition, Northeast Communications Center is a keystone for public safety interoperability in the region having equipment that can bring public safety professionals together.

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Non-Life Threatening Needs

Call 513-677-7000 with any “non-life threatening” need for public safety personnel. This includes:

  • Administration
  • Alarm activations
  • Animal complaints
  • Auto accidents
  • Block watch information
  • Department tours
  • Fire safety alerts
  • Flooding concerns
  • Lockouts
  • Minor illness and injury
  • Police reports
  • Safety or security information
  • Suspicious activity
  • Traffic hazards
  • Vacation checks
  • Video Monitoring of our Parks, Intersections, and facilities
    • Including video monitoring of our schools and businesses 

Center History

In 1999, a non-emergency public safety dispatch center (Northeast Communications) was added to better serve Loveland and Symmes Township.

Communications Calls

The center, staffed by certified telecommunicators, originally handled calls that did not require an immediate response, such as:

  • Fire and crime prevention
  • Minor auto accidents
  • Minor illnesses or injuries
  • Police reports
  • Vehicle lockouts

Emergency Dispatching

Since its inception, Northeast Communications has added the capability to answer 911 calls and now handles emergency dispatching for the LSFD.

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